Tony Boone, International Trail Specialist

Tony Boone, International Trail Specialist
International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA)

With over two decades of trail building experience, Tony Boone has been one of the world's most prolific trail builders. He has safely and efficiently led crews in the meticulous sculpting of over 800 kilometers of shared-use and purpose-built trails for users of all ages and all abilities. These trails are valued over $5,000,000 USD.

Tony is one of the Professional Trail Builder Association's and American Trails' most successful trail contractors, with experience ranging from developing bike parks and trail systems to conducting a 500 kilometer-long trail feasibility study. Whether it is easy rolling contour trail for families or innovative flow trail for advanced riders, his attention to sustainability and kinesthetic diversity is globally renowned.

His primary focus is developing IMBA's international markets and creating the next generation of kinesthetically diverse "flow-based" tracks. In the past year alone, he conducted 25 site visits around the world in six countries, flown 100,000 km, built 20 km of trail, designed 20 more km to be built, and conducted trailbuilding schools for 250+ students in half a dozen languages.

His partnership with IMBA and Trek China has already produced the first professional, purpose-built singletrack trail system for mountain bikers in China. Tony holds a Master's of Education in Outdoor Adventure Recreation from Texas A&M University (USA) where he was in charge of developing and managing a variety of college programs, ranging from extended wilderness expeditions to teaching kids/adults to rockclimb and mountain bike.