Permission is given to reproduce materials given to the organising committee of the 6th National Tracks and Trails Conference 2011 and in so doing the author(s) certifies that the abstract / presentation is / original work.

The author(s) hereby gives permission for reproducing all session material work.

The author(s) agrees that no royalty is to be paid and that the organising committee may include the work presented by the author(s) and/or the co-contributor(s), and/or the nominees at the 6th National Tracks and Trails Conference 2011 as the committee so determines.

It is recognised that when the committee uses the author(s) work for dissemination, the committee will acknowledge the author(s).

This copyright clearance will apply to all material supplied to the organising committee and any film or audio recordings from the conference, and may be published in the conference folder, conference proceedings and on the National Tracks and Trails Conference website.