Rod Annear: Digital Media and your trail experience.

Rod Annear - Rod has worked in natural area management for over 30 years, nearly 20 of them as a National Park Ranger in Western Australia. He is currently the A/Assistant Director of Parks and Visitor Services with the Department of Environment and Conservation in WA. He likes walking, cycling, surfing and has a passion for finding the perfect '70's shirt with wide lapels.

What is web 2? Should I twitter and if I do will I go blind? Facebook, Linked In, Foursquare blah, blah, blah - is social media really worth the bother? What are mobile applications and will Digitally Augmented Reality change my world? All good questions. Rod Annear will provide the answers and show you how digital media is already changing the way people are experiencing, interacting with, sharing and rating trails. What does it all mean for trail users and trail managers and how can this "new" technology improve the trail world. Learn lots of new stuff and get recommendations for phone apps that don't involve farting or angry birds.