PAM GLUCK Executive Director, American Trails

Pam Gluck has served as the Executive Director of American Trails for thirteen years and has over 20 years of experiencing working with trails. Prior experience includes owning her own hiking/backpacking/cross-country ski guide service; serving as the Parks and Recreation Director for the Town of Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona, for six years; and serving as the Arizona State Trails Coordinator for five years.

As the Executive Director of American Trails, Pam has the overall responsibility of managing an organization with the mission of pursuing a national system of trails that meets the recreation, health, and travel needs of all Americans and that serves a full range of activities. Through education, partnerships, and timely information resources, Pam, working with an active Board of Directors and talented staff, leads American Trails in promoting the creation, conservation and broad enjoyment of quality trails and greenways that offer places of solace, health, fitness, recreation and transportation for all Americans. American Trails envisions: trails and greenways that are a part of everyday life-a quality system accessible to all people including a broad range of abilities, economic and cultural backgrounds within 15 minutes of every American home or workplace.

Pam's many duties include managing the organization; coordinating the American Trails National Symposium on a biennial basis; implementing the Universal Trail Assessment Process nationally; managing the National Trails Training Partnership; promoting the National Recreation Trails program and managing its website and database; coordinating trails training workshops; producing the American Trails Magazine: providing technical assistance; overseeing the American Trails website which serves over one million visitors per year; and working with a 14-member Board and a 20-member Advisory Committee.

Pam has developed ongoing and productive relationships with federal trail-related agencies, with State Trail Administrators, and with national, state, and local trail-managing agencies and advocacy and user organizations. Pam's strengths lie in establishing successful partnerships and in building the American Trails network.

American Trails' national headquarters is based out of Redding, California.