ABSTRACT: A small Success Story

What could not have been imagined - happened.

Parks and Wildlife Service rangers versus pesky MTB's. A generally negative relationship turning sweet!

We were already having to come to grips with horseriders and 4WDrivers and trail bikes..... and now MTBs

Fortunately the foresight demonstrated by some MTB's was to change that. Looking back nearly six years ago, those tentative first days of meetings, negotiation and initial trail care Saturday mornings brought by small degrees, personal growth as much as improved singles trails. Growth in understanding , empathy and mutual trust opening Ranger's minds as well as MTBs to changing use patterns and recognition of each others needs. A real widening of our horizons in engaging recreation communities.

Yes, This is a confession: we were slow to adapt to expanding activities on the land we manage. As important as these results are for MTB's there are much more include a broader perception of what is possible on conservation lands. The blending of recreation and conservation to get the right balance.

About the author
Shamus Conway is a Senior Ranger within Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service based on the Sunshine Coast. His experience with engaging MTB's has flowed into growth in 'weed care' with other community groups building relationships and giving various community groups 'ownership' to their local conservation reserves.