Geo-Design my Ride.

GIS is evolving and is now capable of not only displaying and analysing spatial data but also "geo-enabling" organisations. This is creating new forms of business and partnerships across sectors. Not only can GIS map entire track networks across the nation it is also a way to connect business interests at all levels. The consumer, government and commerce sectors now have new and efficient ways to source and create spatial data, publish, manage, share and profit from it. This presentation will discuss new trends in GIS, how this effects track users, operators and associated business groups and also what the future holds when most services will be operated using "location intelligence".


Andrew Fellows, Manager of Professional Services, Esri Australia.

Andrew has been involved with the IT and spatial industry for over 15 years. During his time with Esri Australia he has been responsible for service delivery of GIS projects across many industry sectors and a large part of that work is involved with finding new business solutions to old problems. Coupled with his passion for mountain biking Andrew is a keen advocate of getting the industry onto a firmer footing using spatial data. With standardisation and leveraging from world's best practise Andrew enjoys demonstrating how to help business owners expand their services, government agencies enhance their impact upon the community and to help make biking and trail usage more environmentally viable. It also makes tracks more reachable and helps bring in new riders to enjoy the sport, the countryside and use of available services.