Daffyd has been involved with strategic trail development, planning, design, construction and management for 16 years and is now a freelance consultant working in several different countries including Ireland, England, Israel, Canada and Japan.

Prior to that he worked for the Forestry Commission in Wales, responsible for developing the UK's first officially sanctioned purpose built mountain bike trail network at Coed y Brenin in 1994 and also developed a mountain bike trail development strategy for the Whole of Wales in 1999/2000.

As the brains behind the 'trail centre' model in the UK, Daffyd was also involved in policy development (both in Wales and the UK) with the Forestry Commission and other agencies to facilitate recreation and trail management - initially on a district basis and later at the national level.

His work as a freelance consultant involves strategic planning at national, regional and local levels, trail planning, trail design, supervision of construction programmes and trail management. While initially involved in MTB developments, he has since been involved with numerous multi-use trail systems and equestrian trail networks and with upland path projects.

Critically, Daffyd's work is very much informed by key sustainability values and this informs every aspect of his development processes.

Dafydd will provide knowledge on the Welsh Mountain Bike initiative discussing the issues around creating destinations, bringing benefits to communities and adding value to public lands. Additionally, he will provide an overview of sustainable trail planning with an emphasis on purpose built trails.Importantly, the emphasis will be on multi-use and single purpose trail projects.

In recognition for his enourmous efforts, in 2004 Daffyd became a Member of the British Empire (MBE) in the Queens Birthday Honours for Services to Forestry.

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