The Australian Walking Track Grading System

Over the course of 2007 to 2010 the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) worked with State and Territory land management agencies to design a grading system that could be nationally adopted. In 2010 DSE working in partnership with the other States and Territories, and after three years of collaborative research and discussion, developed an Australian Walking Track Grading System.

The Australian Walking Track Grading System is a technique for uniformly grading walking tracks and communicating that grade to the walking public, based on the existing Australian Standard (AS 2156.1-2001 Walking tracks - Classification & Signage).

The Grading System has been endorsed by Parks Forum (the peak body for park management organisations) as a voluntary industry standard and they have recommended the Grading System for adoption amongst its members.

The presentation will outline why a national grading system is needed, the research that went into determining what walkers want in a grading system, and the benefits of adopting a uniform grading system for both walkers and land managers.

Richard Wadsworth is the Statewide Recreation & Tourism Coordinator for Forests & Parks Division in Victoria.

Further information on the Australian Walking Track Grading System can be found HERE