"Walking the line - balancing community aspirations and environmental sustainability in a contemporary MTB policy"

Dianne MacLean, Tourism and Visitor Management, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.

QPWS produced the first operational MTB policy in 2007, however, over the past 5 years rangers observed a rapid increase in the number of riders, styles of MTB riding, unauthorised trail construction and unprecedented demand and lobbying for MTB access to QPWS managed areas across the State.

During this time organisations became established on the local, State and National level to represent the interests of MTB riders and advocate for greater access to public managed lands. QPWS has formed an excellent working relationship with these organisations and has advocated for land management agencies to take a more strategic view of MTB in Queensland, influence consistent policy and management decisions across all sectors.
Thepolicy review process generated considerable interest and feedback from staff, other agencies, MTB representatives and community. The final policy required balancing both community aspirations and environmental sustainability into a contemporary MTB policy.

Author Biography
Dianne MacLean is a Senior Project Officer within Tourism and Visitor Management, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Dept. Environment and Resource Management where she has worked in the visitor management and outdoor recreation area for 20 years. Dianne has been involved in many aspects of 'Tracks and Trails' including the 2009 conference, 'hand-on' construction, training, track counters and has recently worked on the development of new multi-use/single use trail signage.