The role of new media in the marketing of an active travel company targeting the experience seeker

Abstract - Social What?

There were an estimated 2,095,006,005 internet users worldwide in the first quarter of 2011 which represents about 30.3% of the global population - up by 480.4% when compared to 2000. Within Oceania/Australia, this equates to 21,293,830 - which is 60.1% of the region's population and 1.0% of the total online population, up by 179.4% when compared to 2000.

Google says between 63 to 69% plan their travel by searching the internet, visiting an average of 22 websites before deciding on a destination.

I believe Australia's ideal visitor, both domestically and internationally, to be the Experience Seeker. This group are very much placed within the ?internet demographic'. The important question is: Are you attracting them to your destination, product or service?

Is your destination marketing standing out from the other 21 websites they visit while making there decision?

During this session we will connect with, follow and share some ideas about destination marketing in the world of new media. We will look at what is happening in this brave new world and I will share with you a case study of social media in action from the outback of South Australia and Queensland.

Bio: Peter Solly - Serial Entrepreneur

Peter has been around the trails and travel sectors for well over a decade, during which time he has been the CEO of Bicycle SA, managed and marketed two of the largest backpacker travel companies in Australia, and owned and run a medium sized active travel company which operated internationally.

He was the visionary behind Adelaide's Eagle Mountain Bike Park and saw the opportunity behind the now famous mountain biking in Melrose in the Southern Flinders Ranges. Peter founded the Centre for Excellence in Cycle Tourism and was instrumental in the establishment and driving force behind the first state mountain bike plan in Australia funded by the Office of Recreation and Sport in South Australia.

Peter's latest venture Peter Solly.communications + Travel Architects, specialising in travel architecture, particularly active travel.

"As a new media tactician and producer, with 20 years' experience in strategic management and the active travel industry, I can help you craft your travel destination, product and marketing campaign to maximise your opportunities in the context of the world of new media. I see myself as a specialist in the convergence of travel, communications, and online technology to support and promote travel businesses in the new world of social media and Internet customer collaboration."