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The 6th National Tracks and Trails Conference is being project managed by Bicycle SA.

For general enquiries please contact the conference management team:

Christian Haag

Phone: 08 8168 9999
Facsimile: 08 8168 9988
Email: trailsaustralia@bikesa.asn.au
or Christian Haag



For a number of years, the concept of a National Trails Alliance has been discussed, particularly at the biennial National Tracks and Trails Conferences. It was argued that although trails are generally planned, built and managed by State and Local Governments, there are a number of issues and functions, such as trail standards and information sharing, which could be approached from a national perspective. At the recent 2008 National Tracks and Trails Conference, a pre Conference workshop was scheduled to discuss the issue further, with rigorous debate about possible functions, structure and funding models.

At the Plenary session of the 2008 National Tracks and Trails Conference on 14th March, the concept of an organisation, provisionally named Trails Australia was launched, with a Steering Committee tasked to progress a number of actions leading to the eventual establishment of a legal entity. The two primary goals of Trails Australia are:

To establish and position a national funding model (eg. a trust or central funding authority) for attracting and distributing new and alternative funding sources (eg. Federal, philanthropic, State, commercial) for trails; and

To establish a network knowledge base for trails.

This will be achieved by presenting a READ MORE>>

The interim Board, to be established by 30 May 2008, will READ MORE>>

As an interim measure, the Outdoor Council of Australia is undertaking administrative tasks on behalf of the Trails Australia Steering Committee. As both Government and non-Government organisations will benefit from this initiative, financial contributions are being sought from stakeholder groups to assist with the administration costs to establish Trails Australia.

Should you have any general enquiries about Trails Australia please do not hesitate to call any of the Steering Committee members whose contact details appear below.

Trails Australia Steering Committee:

pixelChristian Haag
Chief Executive Officer
Bicycle SA
Ph: 0409 950 884
pixelMichael Oxer
Past President
Railtrails Australia Inc
Ph: 03 5156 8228
pixelTony Scott
Executive Officer
Mountain Bike Australia
Ph: 07 4959 1913


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